Sunday, February 14, 2010

Patanjali Yoga Sutras: Removing Wrong Knowledge leads to Individual Transformation & Global Peace

From the works of living enlightened master Paramahamsa Nithyananda, this clip is taken from Patanjali Yoga Sutras discourse delivered by Him in 2008. In this video clip, He describes how our past conditionings affect our reasoning and lead us to wrong knowledge. This consequently leads to all suffering and depression in one's life. He talks about judgements and opinions that are framed based on such wrong knowledge. Complete understanding of this sutra is a meditation in itself and can result in individual transformation and global peace. He gives a simple technique to understand our past conditionings that affect our present moment.


Staying Inspired

In this clip taken from discourse titled, "You Are That", Swamiji answers a question about containing inspiration drawn from watching Swamiji's discourses. He tells us that there is no need for containing the inspiration, but let the inspiration go deep inside us. He tells us that we should hold the inspiration in one hand and the responsibilities we have taken on the other hand, and in the course of time, automatically one of them will drop! He goes on to describe a beautiful verse from Shankara on getting inspired and staying inspired. Swamiji also tells us that the work towards enlightenment is never wasted.


What is Initiation?

This clip is taken from the discourse titled, "Unclutching -- De-program the inner self" delivered during the third day of the first Nithya Dhyan mass satsang held in Bangalore in December 2007.

We find that we get drained easily of life energy either from the environment outside or from within due to our own inner conditionings. Whenever you need to heal yourself or bring yourself again to the life energy, the truths or ideas that brings you out of the tiredness or low energy or depression, those truths are called Shastra Shastras or knowledge weapons. The truths that not only brings us out of the depression, but also destroys the source of depression once for all is called mantra. Truth that comes out of enlightened inner space, and causes a click that is beyond logic, a sort of quantum connection with the very core of us is called initiation. The initiation can break the very core of depression, the very core of the mind.


Thursday, November 12, 2009


It's very easy to apply logic and reasoning for something. But question remains - are we going anywhere with that reasoning? What is reasoning (Tarka), What is Wrong reasoning (Kutarka) and what is Right reasoning(Vitarka) is what Swamiji explains in this video.

This is the discourse delivered at the Inner Awakening program in June 2009. Swamiji is very beautifully explaining the power of Vitarka!

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Establishing in the Non-Return Zone of Living Enlightenment

In this discourse Swamiji lays out the rationale for 21 days meditation program.

"Inner Awakening" in terms of three stages. ...Struggling, Practicing, Experiencing...

Master is Graceful and very compassionate and He makes sure that person attending the program does not miss the real experience!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yogam Tour 2009 Second phase

Swamiji is visiting North America and Canada right now. Make use of an opportunity and check Yogam Calendar!

Kalpataru Program Module 1 has playlist of about 14 videos.

Kalpataru Program Module 2 has playlist of about 12 videos

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Practicing Living Enlightenment

Extra ordinary video with strong words and very beautiful understanding. "Enlightenment" is explained so nicely that all misconceptions will be cleared.

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