Monday, October 29, 2007

Logical People and Emotional People

In this talk Nithyananda speaks on how one has become a slave of Logic and the Rationale Mind rather than using it as a tool. In this particular excerpt, he speaks on how logical people continuously doubt and live in the body and leave the body like hell whereas there is a grace with emotional people when they live and leave the body. In his beautiful style, Nithyananda takes one through a journey with beautiful examples and shows how one can radiate unique love to everyone and liberate himself / herself from the pangs of insecurity.


Why do we like to take vacations

In this talk Nithyananda speaks on how one has become a slave of Logic and the Rationale Mind rather than using it as a tool. In his typical style, Nithyananda gives the inner secrets of why one feels the need to take the vacation after seeing beautiful pictures and videos of tourist places. He gives a detailed understanding of how one is always clutched to his identity and wants to actually disconnect from itself.


Truth from the Ultimate Master

In this talk Nithyananda is laying the foundation on why Mahavira could speak about the truth with such profound intensity. He mentions how Mahavira became one of the ultimate enlightened masters from his journey as a king. He further exclaims how Mahavira has always been directly speaking to a seeker about enlightenment, about moksha and not to a captive audience. Nithyananda delivers the truth by Mahavira is his simplistic yet direct style in these series of Jain Sutra lectures delivered in March 2007.


Establish yourself in Satya

In this talk Nithyananda speaks on how Mahavira has gone beyond what Patanjali has said about accepting scriptures as the ultimate truth. He then beautifully exclaims on how the sutras of Mahavira can be used as touchstone for all practises and establish yourself in truth. Nithyananda goes on to describe how the gap between what one speaks and what one thinks fails to establish one in truth. Nithyananda delivers the truth by Mahavira is his simplistic yet direct style in these series of Jain Sutra lectures delivered in March 2007.


The ultimate morality, be what you are!

In this talk Nithyananda speaks on the ultimate morality of being what you are. He stresses on this fact while speaking on Satya, the truth offered by Mahavira. In this excerpt, he mentions how one doesn't be as he or she is but as the world wants them to be. In the process of getting some friends by the above act, people lose themselves and hence move away from what they are, the ultimate truth.


Knowledge - The "Double" edged sword

Nithyananda compares knowledge to a knife - that can get dangerous in the hand of a terrorist or it can heal in the hands of a doctor. Given this, what is the secret behing Shiva Sutra where Shiva opens all techniques to everybody without any prerequisites? The people who listen to the Sutras understand this from their level of the consciousness. As their conscious grows new meanings emerge from the Sutras thereby eliminating the danger of this knowledge being misused by anybody.


Science of Zen Koans

Nithyananda talks about how people spend lots of energy trying to understand mind through logic. Logical thinking is part of the mind and its impossible to comprehend mind through logic. This implies that logic cannot in anyway be able to comprehend "consciousness" which is beyond mind. Zen tradition has something called "Zen Koans" that are given to the Zen monks to contemplate. These seemingly illogical statements when meditated upon, creates a space to experience consciousness. This is the science behind the Zen Koans.


Reclaim Your Inner Space

In this clip taken from the discourse titled, "Move Towards Love", Nithyananda talks about the Shiva Sutra and meditation technique to reclaim the consciousness of Shiva.


Inner Space of Shiva

In this video clip taken from discourse titled, "Move towards Love", Shiva is trying to give us a technique to reproduce the inner space of Shiva. Nithyananda tells us that it is our freedom to look at everything as auspicious. When we do this, we live like a God on planet Earth.


Shiva - The Causeless Auspicious Energy

In this clip taken from discourse titled, "Move Towards Love", Nithyananda tells us that once we fill our body with love, everything and everybody will seem divine. Anyone who truly feels evrything and everybody around him is divine is enlightened.


Mangalatva - Whatever that is happening is Auspicious

In this clip taken from Shiva Sutra discourse titled "Moving Towards Love", Nithyananda tells us that there are only two kinds of people...those that think that whatever is happening is bad and those who believe that whatever is happening around them is auspicious. Enlightened beings constantly radiate auspiciousness. Also good and bad from our dimension of logic cannot be decided.


Inaugration of Vedic Sciences University and Temple

This is the video where Nithyananda announces the inauguration of the new Vedic Sciences University and the Temple in Mont Clair, CA. You are all invited for the event. For more details, please visit


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Significance of Sri Vidya Pooja (Mother Worship)

In this discourse delivered at the Los Angeles ashram Nithyananda talks in great detail about Sri Vidya Pooja or worship of mother or feminine part of existential energy.

From Sounds to Silence - Technique & Meditation

This clip taken from discourse titled "From Sounds to Silence", contains discussion on a Shiva Sutra meditation technique.

Going from Words to Wordlessness

In this clip taken from discourse titled, "From Sounds to Silence" Nithyananda tells us that we are not able to be with ourselves due to deep inner chattering. Swamiji tells us to look into our lives and see where all we are creating false identities and basing our lives on these lies. He passionately tells us to stop all these games and get serious about enlightenment.

Truths about Inner Chattering

In this clip taken from discourse titled "From Sounds to Silence" Nithyananda talks about the inner chattering is the thread on which the beads of various conditioning are strung on. Breaking inner chattering therefore liberates you.

Layers of Conditioning

In this video clip taken from Shiva Sutra discourse "Sounds to Silence", Nithyananda provides deeper truths into various layers of conditioning. We have so many conditionings, starting with language, which adds the layer of inner chattering. In his characteristic way Swmaiji goes on to tell us that Man - Inner Chatterin = God and God - Inner Chattering = Man!

Take Quantum Jump into Ultimate Consciousness

Ultimate truth is nameless, formless or soundless. Here in this discourse Nithyananda is giving us techniques to go from sound to soundlessness. This clip is taken from discourse titled From Sounds to Silence.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Love - The Gateway to Enlightenment

Nithyananda explains the sutra where Shiva articulates a techinique to get enlightened when somebody is in love. They can be in love with a person, animal (pets) or any object. The beautiful technique has three steps that would move the innerspace towards enlightement when deeply in love.

Beyond Desires

In this talk Nithyananda discusses how all masters always speak about desires. If one can transcend beyond desires, then he can break himself through the cycle of life and death. Nithyananda reveals that all Jains have take a conscious birth in those families so that they can work towards their self realization and that and that only should be their ultimate goal and the ultimate desire.

Ahimsa (Non-Violence) : The supreme religion

In this talk Nithyananda describes how Mahavira has established the fact that Non-Violence is the supreme religion. He discusses how the importance of establishing one in non-violence is a foundation to establish in truth as non-violence itself can bring love. Like always, with powerful examples, Nithyananda delivers the truth from the Jain Sutras in these lectures delivered Los Angeles in March 2007.

Aparigraha (Non Possessiveness): Move beyond desires

In this talk Nithyananda discusses how one binds himself with insecurity and desires of people and things around himself. He asks one to deeply analyze and see that one cannot enjoy the things around if he/she is bound to hold on to these things. He says that non possessiveness is always discussed by Mahavira after non violence because only the one established in non violence is also capable enough to liberate himself from possessions. He authoratively declares that dropping desires is foolishness and hence increasing ones inner space to accomodate all the desires is the real trick. Jain Sutras, March 2007, Los Angeles.

Pain & Suffering : The Powerful Master for Non-Possessiveness

In this talk Nithyananda discusses how one deals with non possessiveness. He says that sometimes it is as easy as just dropping that thing with no pain. The other side of the coin is where one feels pain and suffering while going through this non-possessiveness. Nithyananda smiles and emphasizes that this is the most powerful master, as pain and suffering purifies you. Its only when one goes through pain and suffering and then unclutches, that one is liberated from pain and suffering of possessiveness. Jain Sutras, March 2007, Los Angeles.

Liberation from Liberation: The Ultimate Liberation!

In this talk Nithyananda discusses how one should even liberate himself from the thought of liberation as that is the ultimate liberation. Only one who liberates himself from the thought of freedom has achieved the ultimate freedom. Jain Sutras, Los Angeles, March 2007.

You are Consciousness

In this talk Nithyananda describes how the outer world is inside your world. This can happen to you only when you witness, and above all just unclutch from your body and mind. Until then, you have created a boundary between you and the world and hence you are separate from the whole. Just unclutch and witness that you are the whole... you are nothing but consciousness. Jain Sutras, Los Angeles, March 2007.


In this breakthrough discourse titled, "Into Deeper Consciousness", Nithyananda gives us a very clear and refreshing understanding of Maya.

Shiva, The Master of Masters

In this discourse taken from Shiva Sutras (titled "Tune into Bliss"), Nithyananda talks about the all inclusiveness of Mahadeva, Shiva. Shiva provides all kinds of meditation techniques based on the types of individuals for their transformation and does not give up on any individual.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Power of Third Eye

In this clip taken from discourse titled "Awareness is the Gate of God" (from Shiva Sutras), Nithyananda says all Eastern religions continuously work on techniques to open the third eye. He also says as of now there are about five thousand techniques to awaken the third eye. The third eye expresses energy of pure consciousness. It is the most powerful energy center.

Being Centered

In this discourse taken from Shiva Sutras (titled "Tune in to Bliss") Nithyananda talks about being centered. Nithyananda in this video clip says that a person who can accept himself will have compassion towards himself. In all moments of shifting from one chakra to another or one emotion to another we pass through the neutral space or the zone of unclutching. It is in this zone you experience Shiva Consciousness or Eternal Bliss.

Dissolution of the Mind

In this clip taken from Shiva Sutras discouse titled, "From Mind to no Mind" Nithyananda gives us the technique for those beings who are lucky to escape the conditionings of the society and can open up.

Power of Opening Up -- The Story of Kannappa

In this clip taken from discourse titled, "From Mind to No Mind", Nithyananda tells us that human beings have become logical. They have lost the ability to open up. It is easy to open up and shower our love on to an animal, a little more difficult to open up to a human being. Opening up to an enlightened being is still more difficult since you lose your boundary. Opening up to an enlightened being allows you to experience yourself. Nithyananda then goes on to talk about a heart warming story of Kannappa, an innocent hunter who fully opened up to Shiva and became enlightened.

Shiva Sutras - Solutions for a Sophisticated Society

In this clip taken from discourse titled, "From Mind to No Mind" Swmaiji tells us that Shiva has devised techniques for all kinds of human beings over 10,000 years ago. Shiva is someone who completely knows the human mind and is therefore able to design techniques for all beings.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Techniques, Techniqueless Techniques & Upanishads

In this clip taken during Atma Spurana Program (discourse titled "Enter the space of eternal"), Nithyananda clearly talks about the distinctions between various programs offered by the Life Bliss Foundation. He humorously goes on to describe the key differences between programs where the participant has to do the meditations to others which are technique-less and then, finally programs that fall into the category of Upanishad -- where just sitting in the presence of an enlightened being, the alchemy happens.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Learning from Master v/s Learning from Life

In this clip taken from Shiva Sutra discourse titled "Tune in to Bliss", Nithyananda beautifully describes the value of learning from the master's teachings which are delivered through love and compassion. He says that those who choose to learn from Kala Bhairava (or time, life) often go through a more painful process.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Catching the Zone of Enlightenment

Nithyananda in this video clip from a discourse titled "Tune in to Bliss", beautifully describes the process of enlightenment which happens at the zone of unclutching through a Zen story. This can only happen to a being whose consciousness is ready to catch this zone.

Inner Transformation Through Sanskrit Mantras

In this video clip taken from discourse titled 'Art of Leaving - Bhagavad Gita 8', Nithyananda speaks about the unique nature of Sanskrit, both linguistically and phonetically. The vibrations created by chanting in Sanskrit can bring about a change not only in the person chanting the Sanskrit mantra, but also the listener, and it has the power to purify the being.

Present Moment - Keys to Enlightenment

In this ground breaking discourse at the Atma Spurana (Flowering of the Soul) meditation program, Swamiji lucidly describes the Time Shaft and the keys to experience the present moment.



Be Here and Now

In this humorous video clip Nithyananda talks about living in the body and being here and now. He also expounds on the truth that enlightenement is ultimate but not final.

Living Enlightenment - First Samadhi Experience of Nithyananda

This discourse was given at the LA Ashram on the eve of the 17th anniversary of Nithyananda's first samadhi experience. In this intimate ground breaking discourse, Nithyananda describes the importance of the trust in the Master and how this simple method bestowed the first samadhi experience to Him. This experience served as the inspiration for Him to pursue the spiritual path intensely, leading up to the final flowering of consciousness, or enlightenment, which happened on January 1, 2000.