Sunday, February 14, 2010

What is Initiation?

This clip is taken from the discourse titled, "Unclutching -- De-program the inner self" delivered during the third day of the first Nithya Dhyan mass satsang held in Bangalore in December 2007.

We find that we get drained easily of life energy either from the environment outside or from within due to our own inner conditionings. Whenever you need to heal yourself or bring yourself again to the life energy, the truths or ideas that brings you out of the tiredness or low energy or depression, those truths are called Shastra Shastras or knowledge weapons. The truths that not only brings us out of the depression, but also destroys the source of depression once for all is called mantra. Truth that comes out of enlightened inner space, and causes a click that is beyond logic, a sort of quantum connection with the very core of us is called initiation. The initiation can break the very core of depression, the very core of the mind.


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